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Liquid shower shampoo without any plastic waste.

nada (Spanish: nothing) stands for care products that really only care and
leave nothing but clear water behind.

We have developed an organic powder from natural washing and caring substances. When mixed with

water, the powder dissolve into a gently cleansing and vigorously foaming gel that nourishs your skin and hair.

The packaging out of paper and cornstarch is fully compostable. The reusable bottle is made out of recycled

plastic and thus breaks down the huge mountains of plastic waste.

You leave no dirty water, no garbage and no microplastics behind -

nada, except for well-groomed skin and hair.

nada plastic waste
nada microplastic
nada silicones

Stay tuned and find out where you can buy your nada pyramide!


How it works

1. Fill the nada bottle till the line with hot tap water 

(170 ml). 

2. Open the nada pyramide and fill the powder into the bottle. Swivle the bottle a little bit to help the powder dissolve.

3. Wait for around one hour, screw the cap onto the bottle, shake it gently and the shower gel is ready for many Zero Waste showers. 


Where to buy nada?

With 25.300 € 844 fans financed the first production via Startnext!

Now we are working on some more details, so that we can soon thank all our amazing fans with nada shower shampoo.

You can find out when nada made it into the shops in our newsletter.


Our history

Today, the target group which is looking for consistently sustainable solutions is far ahead of the industry. Sustainable alternatives are usually cumbersome or the product experience is not convincing. This is why we are now starting with the new generation. As a team of mother and daughter, we are turning the vision of a plastic-free household into a comfortable solution for fast-moving everyday life.

The solution is so simple:


concentrate on the essentials!

Already in 1989 we were determined to do something against the growing plastic mountains. For our natural cosmetics series "Vel.Vet" we designed a refill system for organic shops, health food stores and hotels. Shampoo, shower gel and body lotion were offered for refilling in glass balloons. The brown shade of the glass baloons protected the valuable ingredients such as bergamot, calendula or rosemary. However, the time was influenced too strong from consuming fast and practical disposable items.


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